The Dynamic Thriving Podcast presents season 2 with the Unmuted Voices series! Join us for interviews with transformational leaders who used to have their voices silenced, maybe for years, and now have unmuted their voices to share love and joy with the world!
This is your host, Mary Ann Pack, spiritual medium, author/publisher, and joy advocate guiding you into all things life transformational!!
Marilyn Sutherland has an amazing story to tell about unmuting her voice, even as an extrovert! Yes, even extroverts get muted! She longed for her father to see her, love her, and accept her. She realized how that unfulfilled need formed her ideas about marriage. She didn't want marriage if she couldn't be loved and accepted for who she was. Very successful in the business world yet denied love in her life that might lead to marriage. Finally, opening to her vulnerability, she was able to find love and marriage later in life to the partner she longed for!
Indoctrination into limiting beliefs can silence our voices. Not only in our physical voice but also all the ways we express life. Whether or not you were raised in a controlling religion, family, society, or culture, you may have been indoctrinated with toxic beliefs that will silence your authentic voice.
Joyfully, Marilyn found her voice and is sharing her message of hope as a Relationship Magician around the world! You can find Marilyn at
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To your joyful, unmuted voice,
Spiritual Medium, Author/Publisher, & Joy Advocate!
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